Relock bootloader for xperia Sola and Xperia P


Elun Chen:
1. requirement:

    enable usb debugging
    fully charge device

    stock sony firmware

2. Download

    Flashtool :
    bootloader relock :

               - Xperia Sola

- Xperia P

3. Procedure

    copy download firmware and relock file into the flashtool installed location firmware folder.
    Run flashtool Administrator
    power off the phone, now press and hold the volume down key at the same time connect the phone to computer and release the volume down key.
    Click flashtool ( thunder ) symbol and mode selector window tick ( mode selector ) and firmware select the relock file and click ok.
    wait a few second to complete the installation
     after it complete using above same process flashtool download stock firmware or you can install the latest via Sony Update service
    after installation is complete disconnect the usb and power on

Finally you have to dial *#*#7378423#*#* in your keypad and go to service>Configuration> Under the root status if there is ( Bootloader Unlock Allowed : yes ) it mean your phone is locked bootloader.


By : Heang Litoris


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